cmartell (jfreedan) wrote,

PETA Gets Caught

Everything comes to he who waits.

PETA workers were caught dumping about 70 dead animal bodies into a dumpster over the course of a week.

Wow, so it's inhuman to drink dairy milk, but it's perfectly acceptable to kill dogs and cats then toss them into the garbage.

The way they bitch about everyone else, you'd think PETA would be spending some of the billions of donation dollars it receives to make a freakin Pet Cemetary for all the animals they kill, but the truth is they just send them to the city dump.

Whats really funny is that PETA still has one of the guys involved in this dump still on their payroll.

You people want to know the truth? PETA is just another corporation making a buisness off the sentimentalities of other people. They exploit the minds of everyone who has been emotionally scarred by Disney movies to rake in the dough. Thats all they are, just another group of scam artists.

I dont doubt some of their employees have been brainwashed into believing the cult bullshit PETA shoves down their necks, but the people at the top of the food chain are just here to make money.

My opinion said, I'm all about showing both sides of an arguement so people can make an informed decision. So here's two neat links.

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